Friday, 24 October 2008

How to "grow" a sea kayak expedition?

A year ago, during the optimist kayak symposium, the seed of sea kayaking expedition was planted.
I met Jeff Allen and Justine Curgenven, heard the stories, talked alot to Hadas Feldman
(Who agreed to be the expedition manager), and decided I also want some of it.
After guiding for a few years, and traveling around with white water kayaks. I thought I must try this as well.
Since then, I spent hours on Google earth. I measured the length of the coasts around almost every island on the blue planet. The conditions I set came from the time limits I had, the time of year I wanted to paddle in, and gut feeling.

In this virtual circumnavigation of the globe, I met other paddlers, always keen to help. Each place I found attractive, I looked if someone have already paddle there. So the combination of "………. Kayak circumnavigation" came more then once on my Google search bar.
One of the more interesting paddlers I talked to was Anthony Malloch. The guy has a great web site, describing some amazing expeditions in Australia. Actually, after hearing his crocks stories, I decided not paddle to Papua New Guinea.
Then Sharon, my girlfriend said something about Chile. At first, it looked like to long expedition to take (considering the time limits). But then, the more I gave it a though, it looked as if another month won't be too bad.
So, I began by buying a pilot book of the region. Then started to talk about it to friends and this is how I got Roy into it and he brought On.
From that point, there was no turning back. With Hadas's help, we got REED and WERNER and OPTIMIST as gear sponsors. LARABAR as energy bar sponsors, and even Limor and Udi who kayak with us, offered their help with the logistics expenses.
Along the way, almost everyone around us gave a hand.
So now we are exactly 2 weeks from the flight to Santiago. And after a year that almost every experience I had was in the light of the upcoming adventure, it only gets more intense.
For example, waking up to a first rainy Saturday in Israel, gets different meaning, when you think that the next time will probably be in a wet tent with On and Roy instead of here with Sharon…
We still have some gear arriving soon, On is working on the Solar system and Roy keeps studying the weather.
We still have this year's symposium ahead of us, a few vaccines and some packing to do.
This time was with no pictures, sorry. Hope the ones yet to come will compensate for this bare post…

About Us

Roy Shatzki-(27) an air force officer, traveler and sea paddler. Lives in kibutz Regavim. On Arnon-(32) an engineer, outdoor instructor, and sea paddler. Lives in kibutz Gaaton in the north of Israel. Yosale Dror- (28)- sea kayak instructor at Optimist kayak club in Sdot Yam, student of Psychology, lives in kibutz Nahsholim.