Friday, 7 November 2008

It all begins today

Actually, as I wrote in the last post, it has already begun about a year ago. But at noon, we had of to chile.
The past week was way to busy, giving us all very little time for saying goodbye properly and get excited.
The amount of support we got here in the past few days should be enough to give us a good head start.

We hope to be interesting (but not to interesting) in the upcoming posts and pictures we will send.

Meanwhile, today we've got our gear from Reed, and while trying it out, it turned out that it's a bit over shoot for the weather in Kibutz Regavim .

Here you can see On trying to stop Roy from driving over his gear while he is trying his new paddling wear. He should have tried harder…

So now all that's left is to wish us luck with our first series crossing- the check in with the over weight…

Next one, from Santiago De Chile!

About Us

Roy Shatzki-(27) an air force officer, traveler and sea paddler. Lives in kibutz Regavim. On Arnon-(32) an engineer, outdoor instructor, and sea paddler. Lives in kibutz Gaaton in the north of Israel. Yosale Dror- (28)- sea kayak instructor at Optimist kayak club in Sdot Yam, student of Psychology, lives in kibutz Nahsholim.