Saturday, 22 November 2008

don´t they want to paddle as well?

Well, karl´s forecast became real. So today it´s winter here. Strong north winds and lot´s of rain.
Add that to the fact that our permits should be ready only on Monday, and you get a few more days to get ready.
Departure will probably won´t be before Monday noon or Tusday morning.
Meanwhile, we have done our shopping. We went to a huge super market and bought food supply for about a month. The idea is to avoid looking for food every few days. We don´t know exactley what´s available in every little village, so even thow there are a few along the first 2-3 weeks, we prefer being ready.
Our diet will be based on rice (10 kg) or pasta (8 kg) for the evenings (plus cooking some extra for the next day´s lunch), porridge ( 5kg) and Chia seeds for breakfast and dried salmon (15 kg) and meat (5 kg) for lunch.
Plus we will have some cheese (6 kg) and about 15 kg of LARABAR for the day.
Plus we bought about 9 kg of choclate
The guidelines are alot of calories and as much protein as possible
We also bought a few Rapalas for fishing, so we hope to get something fresh to eat out of the sea as well. (clams are out of limit south of Chiloe because of Red Tide)
So, we keep ourselves busy and learn something new every day.
For example, our Swiss roomate just told us yesterday over a beer, that ¨Shatz¨ or ¨Shatzy¨means ¨darling¨in Swiss-German. So now we have a good explenation for some weired looks.
The real funny thing is, that Roy (Shatzki) knew it, and didn´t tell us...
Something new every day...

In the pictures:
Puerto Montt at low tide, long shopping list and comparing toilet paper lenths, and the fish market.

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Roy Shatzki-(27) an air force officer, traveler and sea paddler. Lives in kibutz Regavim. On Arnon-(32) an engineer, outdoor instructor, and sea paddler. Lives in kibutz Gaaton in the north of Israel. Yosale Dror- (28)- sea kayak instructor at Optimist kayak club in Sdot Yam, student of Psychology, lives in kibutz Nahsholim.