Friday, 21 November 2008

sorry for the delay...

While i was writing yesterday, the truck brining the kayaks arrived.
don´t worry, they are in better shape then they looks.

So, as i was saying, sikaflex-


And alot of work on the solar pannels

So now the kayaks are in Casa Perla guest house garden, they get a view of Puerto Montt bay and waiting.
The Navy permits should be ready today and we will do some food shopping.

Other then the ¨facts¨ and details, we start getting excited. The look at the bay and the mountains surounding it making everything looks real.
Durring the past week (almost 2) in Chile we learned alot. The spanish got a little better, we find it easier to find the stuff we are looking for (even thoe we looked the police office that will give us permits to buy flairs and smoke bomb for 3 hours).
But i think that most of all we learn to deal with each other. Putting 3 (almost grown uops) together can bring up alot of surprises, but i´m just begining to realize how much each of us has to learn from the other 2. And learning is not always as simple as different ways to tigh a knot or to make a better sweep stroke. Alot of times it involves making some basic changes in our way of thinking, and thats the interesting part.
So, today some more shopping, fixing last peices and some map work.
Maby leaving tomorow or the day after (more likely), we will write when we know.
ON, Shaz and me.
ahh, and one for Avital and one for Asaf:

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